Cath Elliott

Not getting the point here:

We rightly condemn female genital mutilation (FGM) when it\’s forced on women and girls in the name of culture and tradition, yet we\’re quick to embrace it when it\’s sold to us packaged in the language of choice.

It\’s that magic word, choice. I might think it\’s absurd, you might think it\’s absurd, that some women go through plastic surgery on their genitalia. But if it is their choice this is of course vastly different from something forcewd upon other women.

For that\’s actually what the whole game is about, expanding the choices and liberties available. There\’s nothing in that which says that we have to approve of the choices people then make from the menu on offer, nothihng which allows us to stop them from making choices we disapprove of.

Well, not in a free society, at least, but then there are those who don\’t think that such freedom to do as they disapprove of should exist.

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  1. There is also a distinction between foolish cosmetic surgery and hacking away the clitoris to prevent a woman experiencing sexual fulfilment, and sewing her up so that, by design, she is ruptured when deflowered.

  2. No, it isn’t scary. She has her ‘followers’ on CiF who chime in on every post she makes, no matter what, agreeing enthusiastically.

    I’d call them the ‘Amen sisters’ but, well….. 😉

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