Democracy in the EU

This story has been around and about for a couple of days amongst the UKIP bloggers (Elaib and Trixie for example). Now Dan Hannan lays it out in The Telegraph. Quite simply, the EU Parliament doesn\’t even bother to follow its own rules when there is any opposition to the programme.

Dan suggests that we all start to use, as he does, the following phrase:

Yesterday, I spoke on agriculture, consumer protection, adult learning and the rights of the child and, each time, I finished with the words Pactio Olisipio censenda est: the Lisbon Treaty must be put to the vote…

Yes, of course it\’s an echo of Cato. But I have a better one.

Ceterum Censeo Unionem Europaeam Esse Delendam.

And therefore the European Union must be destroyed.

Cato\’s fellow senators would mock him. Sometimes, they would mimic his voice, sometimes shout him down. But you know what? In the end, they sacked Carthage.

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  1. ‘caeterum censeo Europam esse delendam’ has been my screensaver- and occasional battlecry when I think anyone will understand it- for over ten years. I hope it will become a slogan for speakers in the EU parliamnt and elsewhere, but in your version, not mine. I know the difference between Europe and the EU but most people don’t, and it sounded snappier- all things being relative- that way. Good luck to Dan.

  2. Good luck to all of them: the five Tories and the entire group of UKIP MEPs. Shame they don’t get a mention in this article when it was UKIP MEP Graham Booth who was the instigator for all of this…

  3. As the European Parliament has a marginal role in EU legislation and that role is carried out in committees, not plenary meetings, Hannan et al can say anything they like. It makes no odds.

  4. The people they really resent are their own voters, who keep on mulishly voting “No”.

    That’ll be why 700 of 750 MEPs are pro-federalist, then…

  5. My family motto is :

    Delenda est si non operandum

    (If it doesn’t work, break it)

    I think it applies to the EU as well as anything else.

  6. Our family motto (which we took off a house in Celle) is “Der Tod ist das Ende aller Arbeit”

    Death is the end of all work

    Our motto describes our retirement plan in light of the brutal taxes we have to pay to pay for things like European parliaments.

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