Die Bitch, Die!

A WOMAN suffering from breast cancer has run out of time to benefit from a potentially life-extending drug which the National Health Service (NHS) denied her, even though she was prepared to pay for it.

Colette Mills has been told by doctors that in the four months since she asked for the drug the disease has taken such a hold in her body that the cancer will no longer respond to the treatment.

She is the victim of a ruling which states that any patient who wants to pay for additional drugs not prescribed by the NHS should lose their entitlement to their basic NHS cancer care and pay for all their treatment. She was prepared to pay for the drug but not her whole treatment.

Mills, a 58-year-old former nurse, said: “I am just absolutely gutted. I just cannot believe people make these decisions about other people’s lives.

“It wasn’t going to cost them. I was going to pay for it. How can they say this policy is far more important than somebody’s life?

“The NHS has taken this opportunity away from me and, if they are doing it to me, they are doing it to a lot of other women as well.”

The government claims that to allow some patients to pay for additional drugs on top of their NHS treatment creates a two-tier system between those who can and cannot afford them.

Equality is so important that people should die to ensure it, don\’t you think?

7 thoughts on “Die Bitch, Die!”

  1. Milton Friedman:
    “A society that puts equality — in the sense of equality of outcome — ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality nor freedom. The use of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom, and the force, introduced for good purposes, will end up in the hands of people who use it to promote their own interests.”
    Not only does equality destroy freedom it kills too.

  2. One of last week’s columns on catholicfundamentalism.com talks about elevating “fairness” to a deity.
    These types of ideas are a modern form of idol-worship, and the problem is only solved by loving one’s neighbor, of which those who do not love their neighbors are incapable.
    Like most problems, it is a spiritual one, the direct result of violating the First Commandment.
    Hard to complain about those whose apostasy only differs from our own unbelief by degrees.

  3. If I were stinking rich, I think I’d use my wealth to fund law suits against the sort of people who treated this poor woman thus. “a ruling” implies that someone so ruled.

  4. If I were Colette Mills, I’d insist on second opinion, away from those doctors of hers. It may not be true that the cancer will not respond to treatment. As they have not tried the particular drug she wanted, they do not know.

  5. At the extreme, the quest for equality led to 100 million deaths in the 20th century. Sad that it continues to kill.

  6. Odd that the same welfare state that provides ‘universal free healthcare’ also provides ‘universal free education’ but still charges top-up fees. She should sue Alan Johnson until his nuts fall off.

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