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I agree, I\’m not as knowledgeable about the minutiae of American politics as some others, but thi really did surprise me:

The invitees included two young anti-draft Congressmen, Robert Kastenmeier (D-Wisconsin) and Donald Rumsfeld (R-Illinois), and one pro-draft Senator, Edward Kennedy (D-Massachusetts).

Don Rumsfeld? That Don Rumsfeld? Unknown Unknowns Rumsfeld? Was anti-draft in the 1960s?

That Kennedy would have been pro-, hateful statist creep that he is, doesn\’t surprise me.

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  1. Yup, that’s the boy. Served 4 terms, no less, elected each time by healthy majorities.

    Of course he was anti-draft – he’s a very intelligent man, and understands that an all-volunteer force is always better than a drafted force. As Secretary of Defense to President Ford, he oversaw the transition of the US military to an all-volunteer force.



  2. Being anti-draft was the most intelligent thing to be in the sixties both for military reasons (see llamas above) and political ones. Remember all those entirely principled demonstrations that miraculously stopped as soon as the draft was abolished? Of course, a highly intelligent man like Rummy would take that position. Why are you surprised Tim? Not been swallowing NYT propaganda by any chance?

  3. OT, but do you remember that Donald Rumsfeld being one of the participants in Friedman’s Free To Choose programmes?

  4. Just in passing, Ted Kennedy completed two years of military service once his father pulled strings to get him assigned to a desk job in Paris, and well away from the real action in Korea.

  5. “I thought Rumsfeld’s “knowns and unknowns” speech was remarkably lucid but unfortunately far too subtle for those whom need argument without nuance.”

    I preferred his “When you’re in a hole stop digging… err, I don’t think I should have said that” speech.

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