Environmental Lies

As you know, we\’ve all been told that we must have those little windmills on our house in order to appease Gaia.

Home wind turbines are significantly underperforming and in the worst cases generating less than the electricity needed to power a single lightbulb, according to the biggest study of its kind carried out in Britain.

An interim report revealed that homeowners could be being misled by the official figures for wind speeds because they are consistently overestimating how much wind there is – sometimes finding that real speeds are only one third of those forecast. In the worst case scenario, the figures indicate that it would take more than 15 years to generate enough \’clean\’ energy to compensate for the manufacture of the turbine in the first place.

Ah, so they don\’t work and the reason they don\’t is because those pushing them upon us have been lying. What a surprise.

Matthew Rhodes, Encraft\’s managing director. \’There is no doubt that microgeneration as a whole has a critical role to play in delivering a low carbon and secure energy future for the UK.

Eh? we\’ve just found out that microgeneration is both an economic and environmental disaster, yet it\’s still vital? Might we not be putting the ideology before the facts here?

4 thoughts on “Environmental Lies”

  1. Encraft are the people selling the stuff (here). If they were a run of the mill company then any self respecting leftie would laugh at his company’s claims, rightly so in this case. It seems that the profit motive is sometimes alright!

  2. I thought we discovered the economies of scale at the start of the Industrial Revolution.

    It’s taken the greenloons about two hundred years to UNdiscover them.

    No surprise there, really.

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