Ermm, Michael?

British readers might be pardoned for wondering whether Americans – or at least Iowa caucus-goers – are a little crazy. On Thursday night, the ninth night of Christmas, some 340,000 Iowans (out of 2 million registered voters) chose for their party’s presidential nominations two men whom no one outside their home states had heard of four years ago and who, between them, have less than four years’ experience in the federal government.

Ermm, actually, between the two of them they have precisely no years of experience in the federal government. Obama has four years in the federal legislature, not the government.

4 thoughts on “Ermm, Michael?”

  1. Tim –

    In the American understanding of their government, the legislature is part of the government. Or more accurately, it is one branch of the government.

    At least, that is what we were taught in our (American) civics classes.

  2. O, how I wish we had voted for men of experience. If only Tony Blair had come over and run. His vast experience was a such a great help to England, and we primitives would be as grateful for his assistance in defending individual freedom as much as all of you are.
    The advantage of political neophytes, as was recently mentioned on is that they don’t know, yet, how to steal, and we are often spared a year or two of blatant theft.

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