Explaining The Rape Conviction Rate.

Well, the G does have a go at it. Somewhat unconvincing though. Their rape victim used as a story was a escort raped by a client (tortured very badly as well). Yes, it is still rape but it\’s perhaps not the most representative of tales to use. The lawyer though is highly amusing.

Miranda Moore QC, barrister with wide experience of prosecuting and defending in rape cases

Rape as an offence is given far less importance than it used to be. I want it treated as the serious crime it is, with enough funding to attract the highest quality counsel, for both the prosecution and defence. Twenty years ago it was not unknown to have a QC prosecuting. These days it\’s exceptional. Rape cases need people who have been doing it longer and have a feel for how a case should be prosecuted. I can walk into a case and give the CPS a list of 20 things that should have been done. Experience shows that in many cases they will have not. The other thing is meeting the victim. As a prosecutor, 99.9% of the time you only meet on the day of the trial. Victims go on an orientation visit to court in advance with a police officer but there\’s no funding to meet the barrister. You couldn\’t discuss the case, but it would be reassuring for the victim during the trial to see somebody ask her questions she knew rather than a stranger.

High priced specialist lawyer says the solution is to spend more on high priced specialist lawyers. Surprise, eh?

2 thoughts on “Explaining The Rape Conviction Rate.”

  1. More rape cases are being prosecuted now than 20 years ago.

    Therefore, the ones which are being prosecuted now will (on average) be less open-and-shut and less horrific than the ones that were prosecuted 20 years ago.

    So it’s hardly surprising that the lawyers prosecuting them are (on average) less experienced.

    See also: A-levels, universities

  2. “Twenty years ago it was not unknown to have a QC prosecuting. These days it’s exceptional.” Not a quantitative science, barristering.

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