Good Lord!

I almost had heart failure.

Agreeing with Jackie Ashley!

She still doesn\’t get the civil liberties part, but one sinner that repenteth and all that.

3 thoughts on “Good Lord!”

  1. Jackie Ashley suddenly takes against unauthorised distribution of personal details. What on earth can have inspired such thoughts?

  2. But she hasn’t repented. She’s agin it because it will be wasteful and inefficient and because mistakes will be made.

    Not a peep out of her about how it’s a fundamental assault on basic civil liberties and how it will inevitably lead to a Big Brother state of All Surveillance, All The Time. Apparently, that would be just fine if it could be achieved without errors.

    Read in the papers today that the UK police will likely get powers to randomly stop and breathalyse any motorist at a check-point set up on the say-so of a police inspector or above. And that this step merely regularizes the current practice of stopping motorists to ‘warn them’ about ‘dangerous road conditions ahead’ and then compelling a breathalyser test on the basis of ‘the odour of an alcoholic beverage’. With the ID database in place, officers will be able, in real time, to concentrate on those with a history of DUI offences, and so forth . . . Good luck with your freedoms, there.



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