Guido Does Get Respect

Peter Hain has made history: his is the first British ministerial scalp to have been claimed by a blogger. Kudos, as the Americans say, to Guido Fawkes, who first sighted his tomahawk at the Hain campaign 12 months ago when he posted Hain\’s campaign strategy.

Dan Hannan: Telegraph comment pages.

2 thoughts on “Guido Does Get Respect”

  1. Congratulations. It was a bit embarassing last week though that Guido had only just found out about Andrew Marr’s lovechild – even popbitch had the story last year.

  2. I can’t figure out why Guido bothers. I understand that he is an Irish national, living in the Republic of Ireland. Have they no politicians to have a go at?

    Tim adds: “Living” there? I think not. From there, domiciled there, yes….

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