Havant 1 – Liverpool 0

OK, OK, it\’s only 10 minutes into the game and form will probably reassert itself.

Problem here though. Like every other Englishman I\’ve a terrible soft spot for the underdog. The little guy battling the giants. So of course I want Havant to win.

But: my wife is a fanatical Liverpool supporter.

Much as I\’d like the plucky little fighter to win, I\’d also like to be able to enter my own house as well.


2 thoughts on “Havant 1 – Liverpool 0”

  1. 1540: Havant & W’s Phillip Warner comes off with an injury and Tony Taggart, the dustbinman, comes on with Liverpool being taken to the cleaners.

    1537: “The Havant & Waterlooville supporters are singing ‘Can we play you every week?’

    1530: GOAL Liverpool 1-2 Havant & Waterlooville
    I can’t type. My hands are shaking. Alfie Potter’s strike is deflected in by Martin Skrtel for an own goal. The odds on the biggest Cupset of all time are now 16-1.

    Time to get the bed in the spareroom ready…

  2. Can anyone please tell me:

    Just how many million pounds did it take to squeak to a rather ignominious victory over the binmen and shopkeepers of the mighty Havant?

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