Hillary Clinton Breaks Down

Or nearly so:

It was unclear whether the extraordinary moment was a calculated attempt to appear more human after repeated criticism for having a cold, calculating image or whether her emotions genuinely got the better of her.

The thing is, Bill could fake sincerity, Hillary can\’t. That\’s one of the major differences between them.

2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Breaks Down”

  1. It looked to me genuine: she saw the possibility of power slipping from her grasp and got genuinely emotional about the end of her political career.

    I’m sure Hitler got quite maudlin in the bunker as the Russians approached, but no one said “ah bless” then.

  2. I just love it. Hillary actually feels entitled to the presidency you see, and it is a source of outrage for her to come to terms with the rejection of the public. I won’t be entirely satisfied until she is kicking, screaming, and biting the carpet on live TV, but this is a start.

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