Hugh Fearnley Whassisname

Chicken should be higher in price because:

That includes a fairer price for the farmers, who are struggling to stay in business as their grim product sells for insultingly low prices.

Bit of a change for The Guardian, isn\’t it? Calling for higher profits for businessmen, when we all know that profits are the surplus value stolen from the righteously labouring classes.

They\’ll be calling for interest margins to go up to preserve bankers jobs next.

3 thoughts on “Hugh Fearnley Whassisname”

  1. That thread has already descended into the same pointless war (militant veggies vs condescending pundits) that the other threads on this subject descended into.

    Still, at least the ‘Guardian’ is doing its bit for recycling ;P

  2. Are the comments to the article from an old
    Monty Python show? They cannot be real people writing some of that rubbish. Or are they?

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