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Hurrah, Hurrah!

Excellent news:

I finally received my new stick and crutches, thank you to everyone who donated, it’s nice to be able to walk down the street without all the clacking sounds I used to get with every step and the whistling of the wind through the adjuster holes. Having them also improves my posture, which helps with the pain.

There has also been another side effect of the generosity and of making that order, it has helped me take a huge step forward in coming to terms with everything surrounding my disability and depression. Instead of trying to ignore everything, and trying to keep on going in the same way as I did before the accident, I’m now, finally, looking for all the things that will make life easier for myself.

Lastly, I’ve seen my doctor today, she is really impressed by my improvements with depression, there is still a way to go yet, but for once I feel there is a lightening of the load, and there will be more on that in my next entry.

That\’s you lot that did that you know. Dropping money into his paypal account. Back rubs, secret masonic handshakes and lashings of ginger beer all round.

It gets better:

Right now I would like to say a huge thank you to the staff of The Royal British Legion based in Kendal, and to all the charities such as the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund and the Army Benevolent fund  who have helped them find the money to give me a new kitchen adapted to my needs.

I had the phone call, just before I went to the doctors, to say that they would be starting work on Monday morning. The mix of emotions is incredible, mainly nerves and excitement, plus looking forward to the benefits of worktops at the right height so that making a sandwich isn’t crippling and doing the washing up doesn’t cause me to have to sit down for an hour.


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