Idiot Lefty Statement of the Day

Well done Paul:

I think the best political year I can recall was probably 1977, the year of the Queen\’s Silver Jubilee. It was a period of benign and enlightened government under Jim Callaghan and David Steel…

9 thoughts on “Idiot Lefty Statement of the Day”

  1. Matthew, one doesn’t need to be an expert in anything to know that the Callaghan government was neither benign nor enlightened, one merely needs to be either a) over the age of 40 or so or b) reasonably well-read.

  2. Well Oliver Kamm maintains that it was.

    I was tempted to key a sharp retort but, IIRC, Kamm is litigious as well, so I won’t.

    Be that as it may, some maintain that 1957 was a delightful year in the United States of America. The Republicans wish they could live there and the Deomcrats want to work there. Unfortunately, 1958 was inevitable, and its seeds sown in 1957 (and earlier), so it turns out it wasn’t all that wonderful after all. Rather like 1928, or, say, August, 1929.

  3. It was a delightful year, I was earning well, driving an MGB roadster and there was Maggie… There’s never been anyone better (but don’t tell the wife). The sex was marvellous, the beer cheap and the Summer long and hot.

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