I\’ll Drink to That! *

According to the study, moderate drinking combined with exercise is the best combination to prevent life-threatening conditions – even better than total abstention.

The survey of more than 11,000 people over 20 years showed that drinking and exercising – though not together – were particularly effective against fatal heart disease, reducing the risk by up to 50 per cent compared with those who were inactive and teetotal.

When widened to risk from all deaths the reduction was up to a third, the survey claimed.

While heavier drinking when combined with exercise dulled the health-giving effects it was still only found to be as bad as exercising and not drinking.

Once again we find that the guidelines on drinking are complete and total tosh. As we all now know, you need to get to 65 units a week before the risks are the same as beeing teetotal. However, I\’m not going to hold my breath waiting for the prodnoses who issue such advice to actually change their message to one that accords with reality. They won\’t do so, for reality isn\’t the game, it\’s stopping people from doing things they don\’t like which is.

* Well, what else did you think I\’d use as a headline?

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