Jaqui Smith

This is the sort of gibberish which makes one long for the forensic clarity of John Prescott.

And what Alistair should say:

Just think how instantly popular Alistair Darling would be if, instead of laying waste to the English language in search of a form of words to justify Northern Wreck, he instead said: \’ You know, we completely fucked this up. We had our pants down and we didn\’t do anything to stop this calamity. The sums were just too hard you see. . We\’re terrified that this could be the start of a recession and to be honest, we started worring about being lynched by suicide pensioners outside Downing St detonating themselves with home-made Complan bombs and chopping us to pieces with sharpened savings books. Could happen!. We don\’t actually know what the answer is but there again nobody else does either. Mervyn King has told everybody not to panic but he\’s just repeating his party turn as Corporal Jones. Last one to leave please feed my cat.\’

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