Mind Boggling

Point one:

We will never go back to selection

Point two (the next part of the same sentence):

but you could have a situation where 11-year-olds with a particular talent in a certain subject or the potential to go to a certain university are encouraged at an early age.

Leading to:

Potential Oxbridge students should be identified at 11 and given special mentoring throughout their school years to help them compete for a place, the Government\’s access tsar has proposed.

So when is selection not selection?

3 thoughts on “Mind Boggling”

  1. The perennial (really boring) schools news story is that the London Borough of Sutton was ranked top again among local education authorities (LEAs) in England in the league table based on the average attainment of pupils in local maintained schools in the GCSE exams last summer:

    The reason why Sutton keeps coming top is quite straight forward – Sutton has retained a cluster of outstanding maintained selective schools, the effective of which is to raise AVERAGE attainment in maintained schools across the borough. Within a mile of where I sit, there are two maintained (jargon for non fee-paying) boys schools where the boys achieved better results than Eton in the A-Level exams:

    A bit further away, there is a girls school which did better.

    No wonder MPs want a salary hike. How else will they be able to afford the rising fees of the private schools their children need to go to get the schooling they deserve?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    “So when is selection not selection?”

    When New Labour’s spin merchants call it “accelerated equal access”?

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