More Sir Ed

Sir Edmund – God bless the man – came from a simpler, earlier age. His subsequent mission to the Antarctic with Vivien Fuchs, incidentally, provided The Times with its most inadvertently entertaining headline ever, for which we might also remember him: “Hillary Fuchs off to the Pole”.

8 thoughts on “More Sir Ed”

  1. Wasn’t that the expedition where Hillary was supposed to providing only support to Fuchs on tractors, with Fuchs aiming for some sort of record, and Hillary decided to hell with the support role and cracked on to the pole, getting the record for himself.

  2. During the North Africa campaign…

    “Monty flies back to front” .

    If you don’t think that’s clever, try doing it yourself.
    Don’t know which paper it was.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Can we hope for a repeat with a slight change to the spelling of Hillary and Fuchs? And I don’t mind if they say “Littlerock” instead of “the Pole”.

  4. Coarsening of language in public discourse has almost entirely deprived a certain class of jokes or funny stories of the very essence of their humor.

    Immortals like “Oh, got ya right in the cunt, ‘eh
    Ma?” or “Nein, nein, nein, frauleins–dose fokkers vas Messerschmidts!” simply disappear,
    eviscerated of their raison de etre.

    No crystal ball needed to foresee a dull future. It’d be enough to make Mario Savio cry.

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