Most Sad

Piece in The G makes this statement.

Jobs define us

An extraordinarily sad statement. That where we export our labour to is the definition of us?

No, humans are really rather more complex beings than that.

4 thoughts on “Most Sad”

  1. That is sad. Its like saying skin colour defines us. Or place of birth.

    Factors in how we define ourselves and how others define us, but humans are wonderfully complex and varied.

  2. Oh dear my current job is writing a memoir for a lap dancer, done mostly while sitting in my pyjamas. But I am so much more than that.

    Ms R has had problems with Guardian writers for some time now. This confirms her suspicions.

  3. that’s why Guardianistas insist that everyone has the right to a QUALITY job etc; even if people are happy doing their job serving tea or whatever because they have a life outside of work. I call these people ‘job fascists’. Unfortunately in real life it leads to councillors etc turning investors away from their areas by saying ‘the jobs aren’t good enough’ – note – this happened in East London for distribution companies – who would have provided the right kind of low/semi skilled work for the resident workforce with low/no skills.

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