MP\’s Pay

There is a simple solution to this particular part of the problem:

Last night, Labour sources disclosed that one of the problems in getting MPs to show restraint is the high number who plan to retire at the end of this Parliament.

This is a problem because pensions are linked to their last salary.

Adopt the American system. Pay increases are indeed voted upon by the chamber to which they apply: but they only come into force after the next election.

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  1. Tim,

    My solution is that MPs should state on the ballot paper (or at least before the vote) what salary (inc. benefits such as pension contributions) they will require, if elected (and any method of uprating).

    Their salary should be paid entirely from local taxes applied to every elector.

    This way, the electors can assess the cost:benefit of anyone putting themselves forward to be an MP. It would also represent a form of local pay bargaining acknowledging market conditions.

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