Newsreaders Really Are Serious, Professionsal Journalists, Oh Yes

Kate Silverton, the BBC newsreader, is threatening to sue a leading Harley Street doctor after routine laser surgery left her face so badly marked she was unable to work.

Miss Silverton, 37, was forced to take a fortnight off after the laser skin-rejuvenation procedure, which should have removed acne scars and improved her skin tone, left her in agony.

Her face was covered in painful and unsightly swellings, sores and lumps.

She returned to work last week and has instructed lawyers to begin proceedings following her experience at the Jan Stanek clinic in London.

The presenter, who is tipped as the BBC\’s next golden girl now that Natasha Kaplinsky has defected to Five News, is due to take over the One O\’clock News from Sophie Raworth when she goes on maternity leave next month.

On Sunday Miss Silverton said: "It\’s been awful. I went in to get some minor scarring on my cheeks treated. I was told it would be a routine procedure and I\’d be back to work in days. The treatment, however, caused a massive skin reaction."

Miss Silverton visited Dr Stanek\’s clinic last month because she wanted to remove minor scars and blemishes before the introduction of high definition television.

Brushing up on the shorthand, taking a sabbatical to learn more about the world, practising tose precis-ing skills, just what\’s needed to revitalise the career, eh?

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