Ministers should be sent on training courses to teach them how to run the country, according to a report.

I would expect Mr. Dillow to be all over this one.

Policy initiatives are left uncompleted, unnecessary laws introduced, huge sums wasted and major projects flop routinely.

The group\’s report, Governing Well, makes 50 recommendations for improving public administration, including training for ministers, opposition spokesmen and chairmen of Commons committees.

\’\’Ministers are increasingly drawn from a specialist political background with little experience of the management and operation of large organisations," says the report.

"But they are in a position of great influence in relation both to their own departments and to deliverers of public services. They need appropriate training."

The problem is not that Ministers do not have the appropriate training. It\’s that the appropriate training does not exist, that it is not possible to train people to take on the tasks which they attempt. The mico-management of 65 million people from the centre simply isn\’t possible.

It isn\’t the quality or training of the people attempting to pull the levers, it\’s that the levers themselves do not and cannot exist.

Unless the training is that there\’s three or four things that you as Ministers both should and must do, leaving everything else to the people to work out fo themselves, this will simply make the problem worse, not better.




5 thoughts on “Noooooo!”

  1. Perhaps the training should consist of reading Adam Smith and Hayek, then they’d realise that top down government doesn’t work as efficiently as local decisions in a market economy.

  2. The easiest way is to have a minimum age for MPs – say 45. Then they would have plenty of time to get some training – doing a proper job!

  3. I can see training could work. Phrases like:

    * “don’t even think about doing that!”
    * “that will never work”
    * “that’ll put a coach and horses through the constitution”
    * “the idea is riddled with inconsistencies”
    * “it just can’t be enforced”
    * “people will laugh at you if you do that”

    …are indicators of a good training course. Pretty much what Sir Humphrey used to say.

  4. Can you imagine how much worse they’d be if they could say “Don’t worry, I’m trained for this job”.

  5. “Ministers should be sent on training courses to teach them how to run the country”

    It is not their job to run the country, merely to govern it.

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