Not a Surprise

After years of secret preparation, the world\’s cheapest car will be unveiled in Delhi this week – delighting millions of Indians as much as it is horrifying environmentalists.

Thyere is a part of the environmental movement driven by an insistence that the peasant life is the best one. Of course, for them, the idea that the peasantry might have cars, or even transport, is a horror. What next? They might start demanding a decent diet, even liberty and freedom itself and we certainly can\’t be allowing the proles to do what they want now, can we?

3 thoughts on “Not a Surprise”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    There will be no more quaint little rural villages at this rate. Why can’t the little buggers just be grateful we are trying to save them from stress and heart disease?

  2. The car will use a fraction of the fuel needed in a normal vehicle (Small car, small engine).

    When an expensive car is launched with the same characteristics (Toyota Prius) the environmentalist coo with delight.

    They really hate poor people don’t they.

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