OK, So I\’m An Extremist

Ministers plan to portray opponents of the new treaty as extremists who would like Britain to leave the EU.

7 thoughts on “OK, So I\’m An Extremist”

  1. Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, and . . . moderation in the pursuit of justice is not virtue.

    Barry Goldwater

  2. What’s new?

    “The pro-euro camp, admittedly, wants not so much an informed debate as a propaganda blitz to overcome public opposition to joining. That case was put at its most cynical yesterday in How To Win The Euro Referendum, a pamphlet by the [MORI] pollster Bob Worcester put out by Robin Cook’s favourite ginger group, the Foreign Policy Centre. Conceding that, with polls at 70 to 30 against entry, a ‘yes’ vote would require the biggest political swing since the war, he advises Mr Blair to keep the referendum question vague, avoid substance and fight the battle on personalities, painting opponents of EMU as untrustworthy fanatics with ‘wild staring eyes.'” [Guardian Editorial, 6 June 2000]

    Curiously, Britain still hasn’t joined the Eurozone. What went wrong?

  3. So defending the remnants of power that we have left is extremism, whilst a complete sell out is moderate.

    War is Peace comrade

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