Petey Lad?

Peter Hain, the work and pensions secretary, admitted in an interview with the Guardian yesterday that he had solicited most of the 17 donations totalling £103,155 which his deputy leadership campaign had failed to register with the Electoral Commission. He said he knew about the controversial donations, but not the precise point at which they came in.

He added that no one in his campaign team was able to explain why they had not been declared before.

Perhaps no one can explain why they weren\’t declared because you didn\’t tell them about them?

Anyway, now that we know that he\’s incompetent to run a £200,000 election campaign within the law, why is he still there running a £billions Ministry?

1 thought on “Petey Lad?”

  1. Why would anyone spend £200,ooo on a campaign for an unpaid deputy leader post? One would have to be exceptionally vain and insecure to do that … – oh right, I’ll get my coat.

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