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All three of my American readers need to know who I endorse to be the next President of the United States.

I can\’t honestly says that I\’m greatly enamoured of any of the Democratic candidates. Dennis Kuchinich (if he\’s still running) has committed the unpardonable sin of marrying a good looking redheaded Englishwoman, thus leaving one fewer for me to pursue. Obama is, as has been pointed out, while of a dusky hue not actually "black" nor "African-American", despite being both black and authentically descended from an African and an American and Satan will be wearing winter woolies before I\’ll say anything nice about Hillary. There\’s a hairstyle running as well, or so I\’m told.

On the other side we\’ve got someone so dumb as to both insist that evolution is not true and that a single sales tax is the way to fund government. Plus a gold bug, someone who has passed laws to curtail political free speech and a not very good actor (although his wife would provide the finest pair of tits to grace the White House since the Carters themselves which is a plus). Also someone who claims that his beliefs are grounded in Moronism which while a refreshing burst of honesty for a politician isn\’t exactly comforting.

No doubt there are other assorted intellectual and moral pygmies looking forward to renting out the Lincoln bedroom as well but ennui has thankfully left me ignorant of who they are.

However, there is one shining beacon, a ray of sunlight illuminating the political scene. By day a mild mannered accountant from Ohio, by night the salvation of the Republic, one who has selflessly thrown his hat into the ring.

Yes, Dennis the Peasant has agreed to lead the western world. This blog endorses him wholeheartedly.

8 thoughts on “Political Advice”

  1. Gee-am I one of three? Read Dennis’ site-given his views and as a fellow Buckeye, guess I can support him. However, I do think you are not giving sufficient consideration to Fred Thompson’s “outstanding” pair of qualifications.

  2. How could you fail to back the man who wants to return the US $ to the gold standard? Outside of Ron Paul your man seems the logical choice.

  3. While my preference is for Cthulhu, I will consider this candidate carefully if the stars are not right.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Don’t blame me, I’m voting for Kodos.

    Although I am a little partial to the idea of Fred Thompson’s two best assets pole dancing in the Lincoln Bedroom.

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