President Kibaki

What is shocking about the rigged poll is not the fact of electoral manipulation, but its blatancy. President Kibaki\’s partisans barely troubled to cover their tracks.

So another African politician stole an election.


Deepak Lal\’s view of governments, that they are simply robber barons leeching off the populace, is seen as somewhat extreme. However, for a large part of the world, it is true. The only interesting question is how much of it?

2 thoughts on “President Kibaki”

  1. What seems to be lacking in the copious coverage is that (1) this has been brewing for a while, (2) the rigged election was the catalyst not the cause of the violence, and importantly (3) the skewed land-ownership distribution (Kibak is the third largest land-owner – after Kenyatta and Moi), increasing food prices and growing numbers in poverty are driving this – and it would probably would have happened had the election not been so kak-handedly rigged.

  2. Here’s something I don’t understand about these guys.

    Either the election is unimportant for establishing your legitimacy, in which case just stage a coup.

    Or it is, in which case take some damn pride in your work and do a proper job of rigging it!

    Very little undermines the regime of a tinpot dictator like the people finding out you stole the election.

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