Quelle Surprise

There are suspicions that the loosening of rules barring charities from political activities has been pushed through to get Mr Brown off the hook of a controversy involving his own favourite think-tank, the Smith Institute.

Corrupt little shi….

6 thoughts on “Quelle Surprise”

  1. So:

    Charities that educate people = bad.

    Charities that support grubby politicians = good.

    Just so we’re clear. I get so confused, you see. I thought it was two legs = bad, four legs = good.

  2. Hang on a minute. If No2ID registers as a charity then can I get the tax back on the money I’ve given to them?

    And if I give money to a think-tank that has a sole aim of getting New Labour out of office then can I get my tax money back?

    I’m starting to see the bright side of this.

  3. Chris, given that’s the whole point of the law do you really think it won’t be retrospective?

    As Kay-tie says, this will have an upside – I assume Lord Ashcroft will start making large donations to new conservative charities…

  4. “Ed Miliband, the Cabinet Minister responsible for charities, said that guidance on when charities can lobby politically was unclear and confusing”

    It is not just HM Govt that wants to turn charities into political pawns, the EU is doing the same. As we seem to have a surfeit of twisters, perhaps some rope and a tree might come in handy?

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