Quite Jenni

But perhaps more important than either of these is the series of poor decisions which stem from the government\’s lack of managerial ability and its consequent blind faith in the two false gods of IT and management consultancy. A Labour government has chosen to pour unprecedented billions on the private companies providing both, and much of that money is simply being squandered.

The thing you\’re missing though is that it isn\’t "this crowd" that is at fault, nor would that crowd be any better. Such prodigious pissing away of the wealth of the nation is inherent in any system which tries to run something as complex as a country of 65 million people from the centre.

Sure, there are various things that can be done at the margin but the only way to actually solve the problem is for government to do fewer things.*


* Yes, I\’ve nicked the idea from here.

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  1. “Yes, I’ve nicked the idea from here.”

    I suppose ultimately it’s nicked from Ronald Reagan: “Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem.”

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