Quite Simon

For the avoidance of doubt – and I would never want you to have any of that – let me state where, for what it is worth, I stand on the European Union. I am against it. This is not a johnny-come-lately position. I have been against it since before we were in it.

I was against it when many of those now against it were actually rather for it. I can still recall the visceral disappointment when, in June 1975, we missed the chance to come out of it. I look at Third-World and collapsing economies such as Norway and Switzerland, and think wistfully of what might have been.

Simon Heffer.

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  1. To my enormous regret I voted in favour of staying in the EEC in 1975. I had, I suppose, 3 reasons for doing so:

    1. I voted ad hominem against Tony Benn (how was I to know that this was one of the twice a day events when that broken clock was right?)
    2. We were told by the “establishment” and I believed (how naive!) that this was almost purely a matter of staying in a free market (the European Economic Community) and had few – if any – long-term political or constitutional overtones
    3. Many of those who wanted us to come out were the very people (eg the union “barons”) who were then in the process of ruining the country.

  2. norway’s collapsing economy??
    got any other links to that??

    Tim adds: Try toggling the /sarcasm switch.

  3. I don’t recall that I was ‘viscerally disappointed’ , but as a lad of 16 I was a tad unhappy. I even wrote an anti-EEC letter to The Times (unpublished). I, like Simon, can confidently claim to have never been in favour of the EEC/EU, not once have I wavered and thought, “maybe it is a wonderful thing” not even when David Miliband pointed out that, thanks to the EU, UK iTunes downloads are to drop 5p so that they will only be about 23p more expensive than US downloads:


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