Rationing Health Care

This is amusing in a macabre manner:

Meanwhile, £1.7 billion is spent treating diseases caused by smoking, such as lung cancer, bronchitis and emphysema, with a similar sum spent by the NHS on alcohol problems.

A survey of doctors says that many believe that such treatment should not in fact be given to those who have brought it on themselves. The amusement comes from the idea that those who pay more tax than others will be denied tax funded treatment.

…while one in five said taxpayers should not pay for "social abortions" and fertility treatment.

The amusement there is similarly macabre: for of course we don\’t have social abortions in the UK. Only when two doctors sign off on a form stating likely harm to mother and or child.

4 thoughts on “Rationing Health Care”

  1. The thought of the Emergency Services apportioning blame at the scene of road accidents, and leaving behind those who caused it to become ‘roadkill’, is fascinating

  2. What do the Government take in tax from smokers and drinkers? Is it less than is spent on treating tobacco and alcohol-related diseases, or more?

    Tim adds: Tax on fags is what, 5 billion a year? Treatment of smokers is 1.7 billion.

  3. I think it’s so unfair that I pay to subsidise the training of doctors who go on to earn millions over their careers. May I condemn them to death, please?

  4. “LIkely harm to mother or child”

    That’s the criterion for the order of an abortion? Two doctors agree that the mother OR THE CHILD might be harmed by a pregnancy to term?

    So the answer to this possible, nay, LIKELY, harm to the CHILD is to slice up the CHILD and toss it in the bin?

    Truly, only government can make such a hash of common sense and the best interests of people.

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