Regulating Alternative Medicine

There\’s two things to be said about this idea:

Aromatherapy, homoeopathy and other popular complementary therapies are to be regulated for the first time under a government-backed scheme to be established this year.

Is the regulation going to be evidence backed? If so, does that mean we\’ll see Deepak Chopra struck off (ooooh, we can hope, can\’t we?)?

If it\’s not going to be evidence backed, if effectiveness is not tested, what is the point?

Which leads to the second thing, the actual point. Those who are regulated will be able to charge higher fees than those who are not. As Adam Smith pointed out, businessmen seldom gather together except to engage in a conspiracy against the public. It\’s professional protectionism.

2 thoughts on “Regulating Alternative Medicine”

  1. “It’s professional protectionism.”

    Hmmn. Professional tends to imply formal training and qualifications. Do you have to be trained to dilute water?

  2. “Do you have to be trained to dilute water?”

    Maybe not. But the more relevant question is: do you have to be licensed?

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