Ron Paul\’s Woes

When you give your political heart to a guy who spends so much time worrying about international bankers, you\’re not going to get a tolerant cosmopolitan.

6 thoughts on “Ron Paul\’s Woes”

  1. Ouch!, that hurt! The only candidate making any kind of sense ends up in cahoots with the nut-job, right-wing, running through the woods with automatic weaponry crowd.

    Now that the women of New Hampshire have decided that breaking down in tears is some sort of plus for a president, can things turn any worse? (for my money I would put being president in the same category as, say, a heart surgeon. Focus, is, I think, what one is looking for here. Does anyone want to see the person soon to be holding their heart in his hand openly weeping as you are wheeled out of your room. Yikes!)

  2. But of course Ron Paul is a nut-job himself, with deeply repellant views on race, amongst others.

    When you think that everything started going wrong with the Union victory in the Civil War – and hence the dominance of the Federal over State government – then you have to expect that other nut-jobs will cluster round you.

  3. “Now that the women of New Hampshire have decided that breaking down in tears is some sort of plus for a president…”

    I’ve seen a few opinion pieces that boil down to that. None of them convincing, though…

  4. Perhaps the women( and men) from the State with the motto “Live Free or Die” made their choice based on the merits of her idea for modeling a health care system on Germany where one is forced into spending 30% of their income on health care, drugs to doctors are rationed out (better get sick before September) and where they have now developed a superfluous super-fund which will cease to become superfluous when they start routing tax money into the failing health care system.

    The stupidity of the whole thing make ME want to cry like a baby. (can I be president, too?)

  5. Perhaps.

    And perhaps they decided that she had the actual real political experience Obama lacked (being all soundbite and passion).

    I’m no fan of the She Beast’s politics, but Obama is an empty suit, good on rhetoric and little else. I don’t think anyone need look further than that for a reason.

  6. It appears that there is more to Ron Paul than meets the eye.

    But I still reckon an half crazed Libertarian would do less damage than a sane Statist because, by definition, they would do less…

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