Selina Scott Speaks Out!

In a thinly-veiled swipe against some younger women presenters, Miss Scott told The Daily Telegraph that the BBC and other news operations were more interested in "presentation over substance".

"So often you see people coming through the system without a strong journalistic background, who haven\’t covered a wide range of stories," she said.

"Women are taken on because they are intelligent and good-looking but not because of the experience they\’ve had in breaking or covering stories."

Highly snigger worthy. Hands up everyone who thinks that Selina Scott would have been employed as a newsreader if she had looked like Margaret Beckett?

3 thoughts on “Selina Scott Speaks Out!”

  1. “Women are taken on because they are intelligent and good-looking.” Doesn’t your point about Margaret Beckette require another “not” in the last sentence of the quotation?

  2. To link with your post above; Selina Scott was, of course, the offspring of a journalist. Third generation actually. Never a bad thing when attempting to break in to the close world of the press. Or the BBC.

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