Sensible Copper

I was sent this link by email with the comment "sensible copper". On this subject at least, Richard Brunstrom does appear to be so:

Richard Brunstrom, who has campaigned for drugs like heroin to be made legal, says he believes the move towards decriminalisation is "10 years away".

The chief constable said repealing the Misuse of Drugs Act would destroy a major source of organised crime.

He also said he thinks ecstasy is safer than aspirin.

More power to his elbow.

Worth noting that we have effective decriminalisation (not legalisation) down here in Portugee and there doesn\’t seem to have been a mass outbreak of anything very much at all. One thing they are known to do though is arrest foreigners hanging around known drug markets: they\’re not keen on drug tourism, you see?

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  1. He actually cited Portugal as how to do it without breaking any of their treaty obligations – which is one of the usual reasons trotted out as to why we couldn’t decriminalise even if we wanted to.

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