I\’d not seen this one before:

Equally quick-witted was England\’s Jimmy Ormond, whose arrival at the crease in an Ashes Test met with the usual fusillade of Aussie abuse. "What are you doing here? There\’s no way you\’re good enough to play for England," said Mark Waugh, twin brother of the Australian captain Steve Waugh. "Maybe not," replied Ormond, "but at least I\’m the best player in my family."

And we\’ve all seen this one but it\’s far too good not to repeat again:

The best way to respond to sledging is a dose of the same, as the Zimbabwean tail-end batsman Eddo Brandes once found when facing the great Aussie pace bowler Glenn McGrath. Frustrated that Brandes had somehow managed to keep his wicket intact, McGrath walked up to him and asked: "Hey, how come you\’re so fat?" Brandes instantly replied: "Because every time I make love to your wife, she gives me a biscuit."

Although I\’m reasonably certain that "make love to" was in fact couched in rather more Anglo-Saxon terms.

6 thoughts on “Sledging”

  1. All very puzzling. Apparently the ‘racist’ abuse of which the Indian player was guilty recently amounted to calling an Australian player ‘a monkey’. Is that racist? How?

  2. It is racist in the same way that it is when one of your black footballers is called that by an Italian.
    Sledging is done by everyone but if this happened it isn’t sledging.

    In any case Timmy, Mark Waugh used to be called Afghanistan by the other Australian players as in the ‘forgotten war.’

    Ms R

  3. However, as the Indians claim “monkey” is not a racist term in India. So can it still be called racist even without intent?
    Is the commonly used phrase “cheeky monkey” racist?

  4. There are some marvellous ones; in the mid-70s, Dennis Lillie, the fast Aussie bowler, bowled a bouncer at Viv Richards, and the ball went over the latter’s head. Lillie was heard to scream: “It’s red, round and has got ***stitching on it; you are supposed to hit it, you black ***.”

    Next delivery: Richards smashed the ball out of the ground for a six. Richards shouted: “If you know what a cricket ball knows like, you can go and find it.”

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