Suburbia has of late been home to shootings (Croxteth, Merseyside and Letchworth, Hertfordshire), suicide bombers (Beeston, Leeds), playground stabbings (Edgware, Middlesex), assertive ethnic workers (the Gate Gourmet staff at Heathrow) and an electorally advancing far right (Barking and Dagenham).

Eh? Barking and Dagenham, suburbs? Letchworth was a New Town (very much the opposite of a suburb) and Croxteth appears to be one large council estate.

Kingston University (my workplace) happens to be home of the world\’s only "suburban studies unit".

You might want to sharpen up on your definitions of "suburb" there.

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  1. While I entirely agree with your view of Kingston University, Brian, I don’t think I’ll be going on the pull with you anytime soon as your ability to differentiate the sexes seems a little awry (that and MrsBud might have me singing falsetto very quickly).

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