TEBAF Wibbles Again!

Indeed, The Ever Blessed and Fragrant Margot Wallstrom tells us how the world works:

–  EU enlargement has been the most important factor to maintain peace and stability in Europe – a fact that is sometimes overlooked

This fact is sometimes overlooked because it is of course complete bollocks. The guarnator of peace and stability in Europe has been for a humber of decades NATO: something which, much as Federasts hate to admit it, includes the Americans, and worse for said federasts only has any power precisely because of the membership of the Americans.

– the EU has to use all its policies in a more coordinated way to enhance security globally : trade, environment, migration etc

Trade and environment have bugger all to do with security. Migration might….but do remember that the estimates of, say. climate change driven migration are for a couple of hundred million people. Over a large number of decades. This is about the same as current annual international migration. Yes, international, and the climate change migration will be intra as well as inter national. Oh, and when we count these numbers we count internal EU migration as intra national.  It just ain\’t gonna be a problem folks as we already deal with vastly more now.

– there is a gender issue when it comes to defining security : women are too often not consulted in conflict areas around the world

We don\’t actually want to "consult" women about security: nor do we want to consult men. What we want is someone willing to do voilence on our behalf so that we may sleep abed at night.

– today´s security threats include for example climate change and pandemics

These are not security threats. Climate change is best thought of as an economic problem. Let\’s start with the thought that we all agree with the IPCC. OK, now what we want to do is change people\’s behaviour. That\’s an economic problem, how to create the correct incentives for them to do so. Security? No, we\’re not going to solve climate change by hiring either more policemen nor more soldiers. Pandemics are a public health problem, not a security one.

– the EU budget has to be reformed in order to better reflect the political priorities

Indeed, the political priorities being that we should be in the EU, in fact, the EU shouldn\’t exist whether or not we are in it. The reform should therefore be its abolition.

So how did a woman so at odds with reality end up getting 225,000 € a year of our money?

7 thoughts on “TEBAF Wibbles Again!”

  1. “So how did a woman so at odds with reality end up getting 225,000 € a year of our money?”

    I give up. It wasn’t for her brain – that’s for sure. Nice tits maybe?

  2. Why would global warming even be an economic problem? It’s a fantasy, a pseudo-intellectual idol worshipped by those who revere an ever-larger state.
    There are interesting takes on global warming on catholicfundamentalism.com
    Babylon never changes. The Church has fought its enslavement better, and longer, than any other institution.

  3. Because she fits so nicely into the reality of those in Brussels and Stockholm who conspired to have her appointed to the EU rather than Swedish money-teat?

    They believe in the glorious success of the pan-continental statist model therefore that is reality. Stop whinging about evidence and just believe.

  4. Nato has been important in keeping security in Europe since 1949 but I think it’s absurd to not imagine the EU has played a role, and that particularly since the fall of the Berlin Wall its enlargement has provided stability and helped prosperity in a region that has had a bad run of it over the last 100 years.

  5. She ended up with that job because the then Swedish Prime Minister was desperate to get rid of her. She has since been welcomed back into Swedish politics by her Socialist brethren and intends to take an active part despite the fact that Commissioners are supposed to stay out of national politics.

  6. Matthew,

    What role did the EU play in maintaining security anywhere since 1949 or at any other time? Do enlighten us. As for the present stability and prosperity of Eastern Europe, you might like to have a look at what is really going on. The prosperity grew before those countries joined and is being eroded by the imposition of the acquis communautaire; stability will follow and there are already rumblings here and there. Why exactly do you think the economically active people of Eastern Europe leave for pastures greener and what effect that has, in your opinion, on the economies of the countries left behind?

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