That Leaked Document on ID Cards

You can view it here. Annotated by No2ID it\’s the current working document on ID cards.

Umm, no you can\’t, because I can\’t work out how to get it to appear in the post.

New technology baffles pissed old hack, eh?

UPDATE: now you can. 

3 thoughts on “That Leaked Document on ID Cards”

  1. Reads like the minutes of the Wannsee Conference. “Improving vetting and barring more generally” means withdrawing all kinds of “privileges” (buying booze, travelling by train, net access) withdrawn for “inappropriate” behaviour.

    One day, we’ll all get “relocated to the East” for opposing this.

  2. Oh God. This document really does make you want to take to the high seas, never to return again.

    I fervently hope that the people of Britain are much less likely to bend over and take this kind of crap now that the drunken years of ever-rising stocks and housing are at an end.

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