That\’s the Bloody Point!


Because of the cuts, the Compass theatre in Sheffield has cancelled The Dresser by Ronald Harwood, who said: "The Government has abandoned the arm\’s length principal of arts funding and is trying to use the arts for social engineering."

The entirety of the Arts Council budget is social engineering!

It doesn\’t matter whether you swallow the official drivel or take a more realistic view of the matter. The official line is that State support for the Arts increases the amount of art available (it being a public good) and is thus of general benefit. This is social engineering.

The realistic view is that it is indoor relief for show offs. This is also social engineering, as it buys political support for the State itself from those same highly vocal show offs.

Complaining that the subsidies going to one fom of theatre or another is social engineering is like complaining that people are eating apples not bananas: they\’re all fruits.

5 thoughts on “That\’s the Bloody Point!”

  1. ‘indoor relief for show offs’ is so true. Luvvies carrying on about how we will all be disadvantaged if there are cuts is excrutiating. Heaven knows why people should be subsidised for wanting to get on stage and be a tree. If they’re good enough then they will attract people who will pay. And if they’re not they can fuck off.

  2. “eating apples not bananas”

    Tim, I believe the appropriate metaphor is “eating cashews not almonds”.

  3. You may argue that it’s wrong to subsidise the arts at all. Probably. But it is certainly foolish to subsidise any art which would occur without subsidy. In a completely unsubsidised world, people who must write would write; people who must act, would act. So there is certainly no respectable reason to subsidise writing or mummery.

  4. “Subsidise” people, let them decide whether they want to use the money for a better standard of living.

    I beleive market geonomics is the best way to achieve this.

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