The Congo

A review of Blood River:

For the vast Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) – formerly named the Congo Free State, the Belgian Congo and Zaire – is not an undeveloped country, rather an undeveloping country. During the colonial period, an efficient national infrastructure was built (at horrific human cost – one government commission estimated that the population of the Congo Free State was "reduced by half" as a consequence of exploitation and diseases during those years). By 1960 – the year of independence from Belgium – the country boasted regular national rail and riverboat services, as well as 111,971km of well-maintained roads. Today less than 1,000km of roads remain.

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  1. I have traveled through the outbacks of central Congo to visit our projects in Bulape. After the first trip over 9 years ago, I questioned my sanity. The conditions have gotten only worst.

    Hats off to someone what went across the Congo. I am not that brave or should I say insane. After traveling about 300 kilometers is enough to convince me that it is insanity. Thanks for writing about it.

    Blood River! That’s a new metaphor for the Congo River to remember.

    Finally, here’s the joke. While reading the book review, the Travel – Guardian Times has a web link to their travel service. SURPRISE – SURPRISE, they do not fly to the Congo. Is that intentional? You are all invited to go to Congo to end extreme poverty and not just write a book. One book is enough!!!

    Woody M. Collins

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