The Dream of Every Scientist

“Our result show that one of the main assumptions of current models and theories is, in fact, quite wrong."

It doesn\’t matter what the subject is (in this case it\’s how starlings flock, but it could be about meiosis, hormesis or haplotypes) that\’s the one phrase that every scientist wants to be able to stand up in public and say. Preferably with proof of course.

It\’s also, to a large extent, why this science stuff works. People are endlessly trying to disprove the assumptions of others, not to find reasons why they are right, but to find out why they are wrong. What survives this process tends to be robust.

1 thought on “The Dream of Every Scientist”

  1. Except, of course, in “climate science” – where those damned sceptical types are howled down as “deniers” and massive efforts are made to marginalise or silence them.

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