The EU Carbon Plan.

Addressing business critics who have complained that the proposals might drive industry away from the European Union, the commission president said energy-intensive industries would be given emission allowances free of charge.


2 thoughts on “The EU Carbon Plan.”

  1. In other words, Never mind. We we’ren’t serious in the first place. Except that part about taxing the peons to death and inconveniencing the Hell out of them on the way there.

    Then again, having read the entire article, I’m confused. I realize that this is not difficult but I can’t be the only one having a problem understanding how “free” equates “buying permits at auction.” And just which are these “few exempt industries”? Or is their identity a state secret and solely dependent on how much they’ve paid to friends and family of MEP’s and EU commissioners?

    Ah, here’s the real money quote, I see:

    Companies’ carbon allowances would be decided at European level, replacing the current system where nations submit bids to the commission.

    No doubt kick-backs, free holidays in the Caribbean, “entertainment fees” and (dare I say it?) Commission “commissions” (I do) will not be included in the public portions of those bids

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