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Sir Hugh: you want that painting, why not pay for it yourself?

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  1. In a linked article to your post about the Rubens work I noticed this statement “Stephen Deuchars, the director of Tate Britain, said: “This is a hugely important work.””

    I also noticed in a link to another of your postings today this quote from Deuchars “[Martin] Creed is one of the most engaging and thought-provoking contemporary British artists working today.

    Not that the two statements are necessarily mutually exclusive, but someone who opines approvingly that an artist, whose contribution to what passes as art is a flickering light, is “thought-provoking” can hardly be taken seriously as an arbiter of what to spend my or anybody else’s money on.

  2. The public purse is the first resort of every loser who knows the public will never volunteer to support his cause. What’s more, you never hear these supplicants offering to forego other pet projects in order to finance their ambitions. If this work of art is so important, so exquisite, so inspirational, then surely it can pay for itself.

    And the owner has every right to sell it to whomsoever submits the highest bid.

  3. I suspect that most people aren’t even aware of the existence of this painting, let alone care who owns it or where it is kept.

    Why should they pay?

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