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Timmy Elsewhere

At the GI.

Might it be true that the continued poverty of Sub-Saharan Africa is because real wages are too high there?

2 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. Absolutely true. High wages are often justified by the fact that the wage earner has to support an extended family of a dozen people or more. For example, trade unions in South Africa are absolutely opposed to lowering minimum wage even though unemployment thus created is directly linked to crime. With the cock-up in the energy sector which will be fixed by “the middle of the next decade” unemployment figures should drop in another generation or so.

  2. Trade unions in South Africa have created a two-tier system, their members in a labour elite that is paid far more than it is worth, and then an enormous informal sector that is forced to get by on a tiny fraction of what formal-sector workers earn.

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