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At Pajamas Media.

That Fair Tax thing really isn\’t all that sensible.

My thanks to the poor little Greek laddie for telling me who the commissioning editor was there.

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  1. Probably the biggest strike against the ‘Fair Tax’ reform promoted by Huckabee is that there is absolutely no politcal support for it… either inside or outside the beltway. Rather than take the eminently practical but deathly dull issue of a series of modest reforms to simplify the present tax system (and lower the current cost of compliance), Huckabee chooses a ‘pie in the sky’ mega-reform that is DOA even before the OA part…

  2. Please Sir!

    Would it be possible to close off the black economy by having this sales tax, but setting it at a level say 3% above the desired level, and offering to return that 3% to the consumer on submission of sales receipts with the retailer tax identifier code? Folk would jump at the chance of getting back 3% of everything they had shelled out. It wouldn’t have to be annual, they could allow say quarterly submissions, and do it online.
    Most shoppers like a bargain, but there is another aspect. Paying cash, especially to a shady dealer, gives no consumer protection. Credit card issuers are a useful standby in that respect.
    Not sure about consumers trying to order stuff from abroad to evade the sales tax though.
    I’m asking you, because you will know why my ideas are silly, so can ‘splain me…

    Tim adds: My major thought here is that making it a VAT would solve many of the enforcement issues. But the supporters of the tax seem to be vehemently against it being a VAT. And I can’t understand why.

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