Timmy Elsewhere

At The Business.

George Monbiot gets it wrong again and interesting times for the extended Worstall family.

2 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. Why wasn’t he eligible for income support? Too high savings?

    Tim adds: He hasn’t got any of those so I don’t know why he isn’t. Maybe we’re not properly informed as yet?

  2. Tim,
    You make the common mistake of assuming that National Insurance is insurance when for at least the past 60 years it has been income tax plus. When customers (as we had to refer to them) like your unfortunate son-in-law (get well soon) made the valid point they were getting little or nothing despite paying in for years, I could only say that to get more they would have to pay much more and that paying NI and Income Tax simply meant that HMG wouldn’t send the heavies round: rather like a train ticket doesn’t guarantee a seat but merely avoids a fine for being on railway property without a valid ticket. To discourage the feckless poor in the olden days from claiming parish poor relief as a career, an assessor would stipulate which items of property would have to be sold before dole would be granted. This attitude has persisted to the disadvantage of the affluent middle class who find means-testing a barrier to claiming. But without their contributions, the system would collapse. Unfair but prevents a revolution.

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