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Timmy Elsewhere

This is rather fun.

I\’ve just been appointed as a Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute.

An honour and an ornament, not worthy etc.

The major benefit (and one explicitly intended) is that when approaching a commissioning editor I actually have a handle to use, something to say in response to the inevitable "Well, who are you then?"

So now all I need to do is find out who such commissioning editors are….

17 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. Well Done & Congratulations.

    For he’s an Adam Smith Fellow..
    For he’s an Adam Smith Fellow..
    For he’s an Adam Smith Fellow..

    and so say all of us…

  2. Gene,

    In this instance it appears to be some form of adjective/qualifier. Normally it is a proper noun, so no wonder you are confused.


  3. Congratulations! does the fellowship provide a staff allowance so you can employ your son-in-law as a researcher while he’s off work?

    Tim adds: Sadly not: the honorarium is enough for a posh dinner to celebrate but no more (this isn’t public service you know!). The honour is of course invaluable….

  4. Mazeltov. I assume that, like an Academy Award, it will double your asking price…

    Tim adds: I think it’s a little more like on of the more minor Academies…it will double the number willing to negotiate with me upon price….or return pitch enquiries perhaps.

  5. Congartualtions. I trust this won’t elevate you to such exulted heights that you won’t be able to entertain and educated us with your observations.

    Tim adds: that I should do so more often seems to be the point….

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