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A note from Portugal and more EU silliness.

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  1. This comment is about the “silliness” article – I tried posting it at The Business, but the comments form didn’t seem to work so I’m putting it here instead:

    The goals of the European Commission are to increase its own power and create a single European state, so you should ask yourself how this initiative promotes those objectives.

    Firstly, it allows the Commission to use consumer protection as a pretext for ever-greater regulation of any industry it wants to control.

    Secondly, by demanding that prices be similar throughout the EU the Commission can force companies to treat Europe as if it was already a single country.

    Thirdly, it is hard to see how prices can be forced to the same level throughout the EU without the “harmonisation” of taxes that the Commission has long sought. It would also require every country in the EU to adopt similar regulations about working hours, employee benefits, etc. to minimise the differences in labour costs.

    This is not a silly proposal, it’s a devious one.

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