Trenchermen Unite!

Erm, excuse me, but what\’s new about this?

For those who can\’t stand the washing up, help is at hand with one of the strangest culinary inventions in years – the bread bowl.

A Birmingham food firm has started making bowls and plates out of dough. The idea is that diners enjoy a soup, chilli or curry, then eat the bowl too.

We have a word in English, "trencherman", meaning someone with a healthy appetite (OK, more than healthy). The origin is supposed to be from the word "trencher", which in medieval times was the name for the piece of stale bread which you food was served upon. Still hungry after your meal? Then eat the bread which had now soaked up the juices and sauce from the hunk of whatever animal you had been eating.

So far from this being something new this is something rather old.

No doubt we\’ll have someone claiming that this is all a Sharia plot to take us back to before the Renaissance. Look, look, it\’s naan bread, proof positive, see?

5 thoughts on “Trenchermen Unite!”

  1. Weren’t the trenchers usually given to the poor once diners had finished their meal? Don’t suppose that’d go down very well nowadays.

  2. The ancient Balti cooking is served in a metal bowl and uses bread based implements instead of cutlery. The “cutlery” can thus be eaten during the meal. It is served with a Cobra drink but its origins are clouded with mystery. The region is known as the black country and the indigenous people speak with a surprisingly depressing dialect that is claimed to be related to English.

    Muslim extremists apparently have been trying to force diners to use a fork and spoon.

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